Monday, September 22, 2008

Sept 18, 2008

Hey Momma,

How is everything going. Well all is good here. I have been staying busy with Spanish and the lessons. And our district is praying that we will get our visas this week. Some of our Elders are getting restless here in the MTC and are ready to go to Mexico. I am trying to take every opportunity that I have here. Well one Elder in our district broke his hand this week and another one tore his MCL so he gets surgery next week. He has a good spirit though. Well I got to get going. I'm sorry this note is so short. I love you so much. Oh, and thank you for the watch.
Love Elder Reed
Oh, I am in the choir and I don't know yet if we are singing in conference.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 11, 2008

Hey Momma!
Thank you so much for that package! That was so nice of you to send it! So how is everything going? It sounds like you are staying mighty busy. It is good to stay busy though. I am so happy to hear about that baptism! Its so amazing to see peoples lives change because of the gospel. Hey guess who talked this last Tuesday? Pres. Utchdorf! He is so amazing! He speaks with such power and authority and also such love. Oh, HAPPY ANNIVERSURY! I am sorry its late though. So how is dad doing. Is he staying busy? I know that I never really have free time. Well this week we had the opportunity to go to, what us missionaries call, the R.C., or referral center. This is when we call people on the phone and talk to them about the gospel and send them BofM or other church related items. I actually gave 13 books of Mormon away in one day. I can't tell you how much I love sharing the gospel. I know this is the only true church and Jesus Christ is the center of it. I know that only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ can we be cleansed of our sins and return to live with our Father in Heaven. I love you so much. I will try to send pictures next time. Alma 42:23
Love Elder Reed

Some Old Pictures of the new Elder Reed

Here are a few pictures that I took of John the night he was set apart as a missionary.
Here is Cody, one of John's best friends.
This is how they really are...
Brittany, John and Briana
John and President Solomon, we love our Stake President!
Dad, John and President Solomon
Ben, Dad, John, President Solomon and Wes.
These are the people who helped set him apart as a Missionary.
Jared and John

Here is Dad talking before John is officially a Missionary.
Ben and John
President Solomon and John
Dad and John
John hugging Mom

This is Mom and her youngest sister, Belinda.
Grandpa and Grandma Bear with John.
Dad, John and Mom
Here we are waiting for everyone to get settled down.
And soon we will all call John, Elder Reed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sept 4, 2008

Hey Mom & Dad!
How is everything going? The MTC is so great. We had the opportunity Tuesday night for the devotional to hear from Quentin L. Cooke. It was so amazing to watch how he listens to the spirit and does what it tells him to do. Our District is doing great. Everyone is learning the Gospel and Espanol. This week we have to teach the first lesson in Preach My Gospel in Espanol. It will be a humbling week.:) Oh guess what? I have calasis on my knees:) funny, huh. Well all is well. I better get to bed. Oh please tell Jared hi and tell him to write me and tell me how his game went. I saw Elder Smith here and he seems to be loving it! Well tell Jared I wish I could see him play tonight. Tell him good luck and to have fun!! Tell Dad that I love him. Oh and could you inform me about Bri? I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH MOMMA!!!!
Love Elder Reed