Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aug 10, 2010 Home at last!

John and Justin Kelley
Justin got home from his mission on Aug 6th
John and Preston Solomon

Lacey doesn't know what to think of her first meeting with John

John meeting Weston for the first time

Mayley being shy

Devin and Ashton are excited to see John again

John going to greet the family

John embracing Brian

I finally get to hug my son

We are anxiously looking to get a glimpse of John

The grandkids holding the welcome home sign

Colton, Ashton and Devin

Briley, Caleb, Calvin and Carson

Trying to keep Mayley and Weston entertained

Walking to the terminal

We feeled the elevator at the airport pretty full

Aug 6, 2010

Everyone of the kids came to welcome John home from his mission. He was suppose to fly into Phoenix on Saturday the 7th of Aug. 2010. At 8:00pm on the 6th I received a call from John caying that the Mexican government wouldn't allow the missionaries to leave Mexico because their Visas were expired. He said that they didn't know when they would be allowed to leave. That was a big let down for all of us as Nich had even flown in from Texas and eveyone needed to get back to work on Monday. Pres Solomon called John's mission President who use to be our old stake president, Robert Hicken, who said that the church had sent the money in for the visa back in April and the government just wanted more money. He said that he was hoping to get the missionaries gone in 4 days. All the kids stayed for Sunday as the grandkids sang in church and Brian and I had to talk on what we were learning from this experience. Then Sunday night James and Bridget had to return home. Monday, Brooke and Nich decided that they we need to head back to Texas so we had dinner and as Brooke and Nich were driving out of the driveway I received a phone call from Pres. Hicken saying that John would be returning home the next day. The timing was perfect as Brooke and Nich decided to wait a day to leave so they could see John.
Tuesday the 10th Brian watched the planes path all the way from Mexico and was nervous the whole day.