Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 27, 2009

For Christmas John bought a camera.  So he finally sent us some pictures!  Yea!


Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov 30, 2009

Hey Momma

Sounds like Thanksgiving was a pretty good day for ya all. To tell you the truth my Thanksgiving was a pretty normal day. No one really does anything for this day as you all know it is an American Holiday. So tell me how did grandma and grandpa like going down to Mexico? There are sooo many people like the family that they helped. So many don't have a house let alone food to eat. I am 100% sure that that family will never forget what happened Thanksgiving day!!!
Well I guess now it is time for the news of Mexcio. I don't have changes. Everyone was telling me that I was gonna get changed but looks like I will be having another cylce here in Neza. I am excited to stay here though. This last Sunday we had a family of 6 go to church and hopefully we can prepare them to go into the waters of baptism in 2 more Sundays. It is amazing to watch how the gospel changes the lives of families. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be in this marveloues work.
So has the weather been changing over there in good ole AZ? Over here it is cold in the nights but really hot during the days. Its pretty weird. All in all everything is really nice though.
Well me and my companion had the opportunity to baptize a lady named Rosa this past Sunday. Oh man and let me tell you how much patience I have gained teaching her. She comes from a big christan church so to start off she had alot of incorrect beliefs. Little by little I could see the spirit enter into her life and see that she had a desire to know the truth. We visited her quite a bit but I realized that all we do as missionaries is teach and invite the spirit to touch the hearts of our investigators. It is up to them to feel the spirit or not. This week I was praying that Rosa would recieve her answer and well it happened. It made me realize how important it is to have the spirit with us when we teach!!
Well I kinda ran out of things to say but I hope all is going good for you all. Always remember that you are in my prayers and thoughts

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nov 23, 2009

Hey momma

Well it was really good to hear from you even though the computer is down. I can't tell you how much I love to see when I get on to see an email from my momma.
Sounds like everything has been kinda calmin down now over there in Az. Things here in Mexico are well.... just normal. Me and my companion are workin hard but it seems like the Lord is just trying our faith right now. All the families that we have progressing right now just don't seem to want to progress. I think one of the hardest things that we have to do as missionaries is to find the people that are chosen and ready to hear the gospel but the next hardest thing is to let the people go that aren't progressing. That is what my comp and I have been doing lately.
Our mission had the great opportunity to hear from the area presidency this past week. Elder Johnson spoke to us and you could really feel that he was and is a chosen servant of the Lord. He taught us alot of things but I would just like to share one thing with you. We started talking about Repentance and Elder Johnson gave us a question. he said " we are goning to imagine that I am a person that lives in Iraq, I am a good person that likes to read the scriptures, prays to God, help the naked and the hungry, and repent of my sins that I commit every day, I have not had the opportunity to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ because right now the missionaries can't enter into my country to teach me. I have not taken a baptism in the correct way. Can I receive a remission for my sins by repenting even though I have not been baptized." Let me tell you that it got me thinkin quite a bit, as well as the other missionaries. Some elders said yes other said no. I started thinkin that as Zone leaders we have the opportunity to interview the investigators before they get baptized. There is one question that we have to ask them and it is if they have repented of the sins that they have committed in the past. I started thinkin that a person has to be worthy to be baptized and well that means that the have to receive a forgiveness for their sins. I thought that this person really could receive a forgiveness for their sins even if he wasn't baptized. Let me tell you that I was wrong. A person can't receive a forgiveness for their sins without receiving a true baptism even if they repent of there sins everyday. We read that in the 4th article of faith that we believe in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, second repentance, third baptism by immersion FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS and fourth laying on of hand for the gift of the Holy Ghost. Elder Johnson taught us that this is why Missionary work is so important, If we don't receive a correct baptism we can't receive a forgiveness of their sins in this life. Baptism is the FIRST STEP into the kingdom of God. We must always look for the people ready to change their life. the people ready to receive a remission of their sin. THERE IS NO GREATER WORK UPON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.
Well I just want to share with you what I learned this past week. I hope you understood everything. I don't know why but it is getting pretty hard for me to write in English. Well I want everyone over there in the house to know that I love them sooo much. and please let me know if you need anything!!!

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

oh I forgot to tell you that we will be having transfers the up coming week so we will see what happens. I only have 3 cycle here in Neza and I am feeling like I will be here one more cycle. But we will see what the lord says ;) LOVE YA!!!

Nov 16, 2009

Hey momma,

How has everything been for ya. Sounds like this last week was pretty crazy for the family and for alot of other people. Man I can't believe that Ben Davis is married. Man time is just flying by!! So how was the wedding. I hope everything went well for him and Lacie! I sure wish I could of been there but right now I need to be here in Mexico. Well this week was a pretty good week for me and my companion. We had the opportunity to baptize a family a 3 this past Sunday. It was kinda weird because this time it was the wife that caused problems for us. She was tellin us that she didn't want to change her religion so we really had to pray alot and have patience! But everything finally worked out and we baptized all 3 of them. It was a really great experience.
Well enough about me how is everything going for you? I hope all is well over at the house. Is Jared doing good in School? Well I just want you all to know how much I love you. and please let me know if you need anything

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov 9, 2009

Hey hey hey

How how everyone been? Well, this week has completely flown by. I don't know where the time goes! Me and my companion have been pretty busy. We had to change our house this last week which made everything pretty crazy. I felt like we really didn't have that much time to work but we still had the opportunity to baptize a guy named Jesus. He is really awesome and has completely turned his life around. I know that one day that he will be a great leader for the Lord. We are hoping to baptize his wife and little girl this next week. She is a little more hard headed but hopefully the Lord will touch her heart this week. It is kindof crazy huh hearin about a man that is more willing to keep the commandments than his wife. Things sure are changing. Well to the QC news. That is pretty crazy to hear the Jenna is engaged but I am happy for her. It is so crazy how things are changing in good ole AZ. I really feel like I am in a different world. It is kinda neat;) Well all in all I am doing good. I just want you all to know how much I love you and please let me know if you need anything!!

Love Elder Reed

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct 19, 2009

Hey momma,

How is everything going. Here in Mexcio all is well. My companion finished his mission this last Thursday so right now I am in a trio with 2 Elders called Elder Anderson from Utah and Elder Cruz from Sinaloa. It was alot harder than I thought to say bye to my companion. He was a great missionary and he really taught me alot when I was with him. All in all I am really grateful for the time the Lord gave me to learn. Tomorrow I will be getting my new companion. I'll make sure to give you an update on what happens next week. Well I just want you all to know how much I love you. Please let me know if you need anything. I'm sorry that my letters are so short but really can't think of anything else to say. I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH

Elder Reed

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oct 5, 2009

Hey Momma and family,

Sounds like everything has been going pretty good for all of you, except for dad. I didn't know that he was going to get surgery on his arm. I will most definately be praying for him. Well how about this last conference. I can't express how I feel to have the opportunity to have a prophet in these days that can talk to God and receive revelations for every single one of us. How privileged we are to be living in these days. I really enjoyed every single talk but I think the one that I loved the most is of course from Jeffery R Holland. I don't know why but I can't seem to get enough of his teachings. Every time he talks I seem to get transfixed in his words. You can honestly feel that he is a man called from God!!! I did enjoy every talk that was given though. Well, me and my comp had the opportunity to baptize a person called Wendi in between the morning and afternoon sessions Saturday. It was a really great experience. I love being a missionary soo much!! Well all in all this week has been a great one. My comp is gettin kinda nervous as he will be completing his mission in 9 days. Man it is crazy how time flys!! Well I better get going but know that I love every single one of you, and please remember that if you need anything to let me know!! I LOVE YOU !!!!

con mucho cariño
Elder Reed

Jared congrats for getting into honor Roll. I am so very proud of you. Keep working hard and studing. It will bless you as you go throughout life!!Oh I would also like to see a picture of my yzf 450 ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sept 28, 2009

hey hey hey

How is everyone doing. Well here in mexico I have been pretty busy. Me and my companion have had the opportunity to baptize a young girl named Vanessa this past week. It was a really great baptisimal service. I don't know if I told you this but my companion is getting ready to finish his mission. He only lacks 2 Sundays and then he will be heading out to his house. It is so crazy how fast the time flies out here. Well enough about here in Mexico. How are things going for you all over there in Arizona? Is it starting to cool down? Well just like you mom I am way excited for conference this weekend. Make sure to invite everyone you can to listen to the words of the Prophets of God. How privleged we are to have this opportunity!!! Well I love you all so much and please let me know if I can do anything for you!!!
con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sept 14, 2009

Hey, how are you doing. How is everything going? I'm doing good. Hey, I just looked at the blog. What is the truck that Jared was using to sandboard? I like it alot. What is it? Well I don't have that much time to write but I just wanted to let you know that I am doing good. Working hard and having a blast over here in mexico. Tomorrow is the 15 of September (its kinda like the 4 of July in the USA) President told us that we have to be in the house by 6 pm. It is kinda dangerous for the Americans at night so we will see how it goes. I Love you all so much. Tell Jared that I say hi and that I love him and miss him. I would love to talk to you more but I got to go right now. I LOVE YOU all so much and please let me know if you need anything. Oh Jared please learn all that you can while you are in seminary. It is sooooooo important!!! Oh mom I apologize for this but I need to take out a little money from my account. I know I don't have that much but please sell anything of mine to pay for my needs. This mission is more important than anything I own. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sept 7, 2009

hey hey hey,

Well just like you mom the weeks are flying by for me!!!! I really can't believe that we are in September now. Shoot Darn it is so crazy. Well this week has been a pretty good one for me and my companion. We baptized a girl named Eneyda that we have been working with for a long time. We wanted to baptize her about 3 weeks ago but she told us she just didn't have a testimony of this church. Well we invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray sincerely. We pasted by her house a couple times but she told us didn't have time to read because of homework. We were kinda getting frustrated but finally one day we passed by and her countanence was completely different. She told us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying. I can't even begin to express the joy that I receive when I hear that someone has received an answer that this is the true church of our savior Jesus Christ. She got baptized this past Saturday and Sunday received the gift of the Holy Ghost. This gospel is truely amazing.
Well changes have come again but only 3 Elders in our Zone have changes. I will be staying with my companion in the great city of Neza. I am really excited because we have quite a few baptisms coming up. Oh just a little information on our mission. This past Sunday we baptized 97 people, ordained 15, and completed 8 families. There are about 186 missionaries in our mission which comes out to about 93 companionships. This work truly is great and marvleous!!! Well I better get going but know that I love you all so much. Please let me know if you need anything.

con mucho amor

Letter from Mission Mom

Hi again Elders y Hermanas,

Can you believe that September is already here? Each month goes by so quickly, and we have so much to do. Make every day a great day, and work hard, with no regrets.

President and I really enjoyed attending the Mission President’s Seminar three weeks ago with Elder y Hermana Christofferson, Elder Walter Gonzalez, and our new Area Presidency and their wives. What a blessing it is to have such great leaders, in our church and right here in our area of Mexico.

Our son Ryan is loving his mission in Uruguay. He has already been a part of two baptisms. It has been very different for me to send out my youngest child on a mission. It has made me realize all over again how much I appreciate all the parents who have sent missionaries here to Misión México Este. I hope you will tell them how grateful I am for their love and support of each one of you.

President and I are looking forward to seeing you again soon, and hope you will make it a great month! Remember we pray for all of you EVERY day.

Con amor,Hna Bulloch

P.S. Keep up the great work with Companionship Language Study! I am so impressed with the great progress that so many of you have made!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Yea, pictures finally

Here are some fotos of me and some other missionaries here in the mission. I hope you like them!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

August 24, 2009

Hey Fam

Well I am glad to hear that everyone has been doing good over there. Sounds like things have been pretty busy though. Is it still pretty hot over there? Down here in Mexico it aint to hot and aint to cold. Sure there are some days where I sweat like a pig but all in all the climate is pretty nice. So Jensen had his farewell. That is so crazy that he is talking off to the mission. Where is he going again? He will be a really good missionary. Do you know if Aaron is in his house yet. You need to let me know if he has changed. I cant believe that he has ended his mission. I was just thinking the other day that Preston has 15 months out in the mission. It is crazy how time flies huh. Well this past week was a crazy one for us. My companion and I and the opportunity to capacitate (capacitate isnt a word in english? first I am forgeting english and now I am making up words ;) the word in spanish is capacitar. it means teach them )the missionaries that are in our zone in our Zone Conference. It went really good and our missionaries left alot more fired up. Me and my comp also baptized a girl named Brenda this past week. She is 12 years old but has a strong testimony and a burning desire to learn more about this gospel. We are hoping to baptize her sister this next week Well all in all everything is going good here. I hope that all is well at home. I know that sometimes we have trials and sometimes that we cant think that we cant go on. I promise that the Lord is there to help us. We just need to do our part. Never forget that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. He has patience and is always willing to love and help us. Dont you think if he is our Father that we should follow his example? There is a saying that I love to say but I dont know how is say it in English so maybe you can have Ben or Wes translate, si nosotros cumplimos con Dios, Dios va a cumplir con nosotros. El tiene que hacerlo!!!
I love you so much!!! Please let me know if I can do anything for ya
con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Monday, August 17, 2009

Aug 17, 2009

Hey momma

Well sounds like alot of things are happening over there in Az. Man I can't believe it. It seems like I haven't been gone that long but so many things have happened in this last year. It is so wierd that Aaron is home. It seems like yesterday that I was saying bye to him. I know that he was a great missionary and will keep on serving the Lord there in Queen Creek. Well this week has been kinda of crazy over here in Mexico. Me and my comp were planning on Baptizing 7 people this past week. Well when Sunday rolled around guess how many we baptized. Yep 0. It is amazing how when someone is wanting and willing to change there life Satan comes in and does all he can to stop it. I love reading to my investigatores 2 Nefi chapter 2. It talks about how there is opposition in all things and it is so true. Well must try with all our might to stay in the path of the Savior! WE CANT TAKE A DAY OFF!!!!!! We must read the scriptures say our prayers, and stand in the light! This world really is becomed separated. There is the good and the bad. Stand for the right and we will be blessed. I love you all so much. Please know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. Let me know if you need anything

con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug 10, 2009

This letter today is different as it is several emails that I just put together

Hey mom,

I don't know if my email is being dumb or if I just didn't receive an email from ya. Actually I didn't receive an email from anyone. I hope everything is going good for ya. Me and my comp are working hard and trying to baptize 15 people this cycle. It is pretty crazy because the zone that I am in hasn't been doing to good so we will have to see if me and my companion can get the Elders fired up for this month. Well I really hope everything is going good for you and please let me know how things are going for ya.
con mucho amor.
Elder Reed

Hey momma,

Ya I did get this email. I don't know why my email has been acting up. I hope everything has been going good for you. I sent an email earlier today so I hope you got it. If you were wanting to look up my address I am in Neza in the estado de mexico. Just look around at the city because it is HUGE. Well I love you all so much and please let me know if I can do anything for you.

Elder Reed

Thank you for the pictures. It is crazy how many of my nephews I dont know now ;)
Thank you momma. I know that if I give all my heart to the Lord that he will bless me and also you back at home. I love you all so much!!! Oh and I got a letter from Mari Calhoun today. I just wanted to tell ya that
I love you to. Oh I also wanted to let you know that I took out 50 dollars to buy new shoes. I just about wore my other ones out and they were kinda hurting my feet. I apologize though. I know that I don't have that much money right now but please sell some of my things if you need to. I know that the lord will provide!
Elder Reed

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 4, 2009

Well shoot darn I can't believe that I have a year in my mission. Time is just flying by!!!! Well I bet you are just dying to hear where they sent me huh? but I think I am going to wait til next week to tell ya. ;) jk I got sent to the great city of Neza! It is so crazy here, there are so many people in the streets and so many people that are ready to hear our message about the Restoration. It's really amazing. My new companion is named Elder Hernandez P. he is from Oxaca and has 21 months in the mission. I have learned so much from him and am going to continue to learn more. We have about 16 Elders here in our Zona so its alot of responsibility but I am ready and willing to serve. Well me and my comp had the opportunity to baptize 2 people this past week and we are hoping for another 5 for this upcoming week. I am so grateful for the opportunity which I have to serve the Lord and be part of this great work for these 2 short years. Well I want you all to know how much I love you and to please let me know if you need anything

Con mucho amor
Elder Reed
Tell everyone that I say hi and that I will see them in a year ;) jajaja

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009


Well it is always great to hear how good ole Arizona is. I guess it hasn't change huh ;) Well this week has been a pretty crazy one. We first had to go to Mexico City to help out with a mission activity. After that me and my companion worked pretty hard and brought our investigatores to church. Well church went by pretty good and we had a great time. Well after church I was waiting for the ZL to call me and let me know about changes. Well while I was waiting I got a call from someone else. It was President. We started talking and well he told me that he prayed and felt like I needed to be the new ZL. I was pretty shocked at first because I feel like I need to learn so much still but I guess who the Lord calls he Cualifys ( I am forget English so bad, I can't even spell anymore:) So I will be having transfers tomorrow. Next P Day I will let ya all know where I am. Well I better get going but I love you all so much.

Elder Reed
con mucho amor!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

Hey family,

How is everyone doing? I was kinda thrilled when I heard that you guys didn't go the 24th of July over there in Snowflake. We haven't missed that celebration for quite a while. Oh well. So how is Bridget doing? I hope good. I know that sometimes we have trials in our lives but we must always trust that the Lord will help us and that everything will work out!
Well this past week was pretty crazy. Well these past 4 weeks have been crazy and really busy. My companion and I had the opportunity to baptize a man named Eduardo this past Sunday and it was such a great baptism! We have been teaching him for the past 7 weeks but finally he accepted to take a baptism. I am hoping to enter into the temple with him before I end my mission. All in all this week has been pretty good. Next sunday we will be finding out if we have changes and I don't know why but I feel like I am going to get changed. I really don't want to though. I love my ward, bishop, members, and converts here in Pachuca but I guess I will go where the Lord wants me to go.
Well how has everything been over there in AZ? I heard it is very very hot. I hope you all know how much you mean to me and that I am here for whatever you need! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Hey did you sell my sandrail yet? If not just see if you can get a little money just to get rid of it. Also if you see anything else of mine that you could sell please do it. The mission is more important than any of the things I own. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009

Hey Family

Well this week has been a pretty crazy one. One of the elders in my district had a couple problems and had special changes so I just recently received a new elder that seems like a really hard working and obedient Elder! Me and my companion didn't baptize this past week but we are teaching alot of families that are progressing so we are hoping to have quite a few baptisms coming up in the future. The thing is we have changes coming up in 2 weeks and I think that I am going to get changed. I don't want to because I love my ward, bishop, and investigatores but I guess when the lord calls us we need to do what he says right ;) Well other than this nothing else is new except earlier today me and my companion were cleaning our house and we found something really interesting. There was a rat! but this wasn't an ordinary rat it was a super mega grande rat!!! Well I finally killed it and well you know young boys like us, we wanted a picture with it. So I think next week you will be receiving a couple pictures of my pet rat :) Well I guess that is about it, I hope everything is going great for everyone and please let me know if I can do anything for ya.

con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

Well how the heck has everyone been. I hope good! I was really glad that you shared the experience of Brittany with me. I hope she is doing ok. When I read that she had had a miscarrage I started think about why we have trials here in this life. I remembered a scipture in 1st Corinthians 10:13 that says God won't test us above what we are able to bear. I know that sometimes we have trials in our lives and sometimes we don't think that we can endure to the End but the Lord is always there for us. I then remembered another scipture in Isaiah 55:8-9 that says our ways are not Gods ways and neither are our thoughts Gods thoughts. Sometimes we can't understand why hard things pass by in our lives. I don't think we are suppose to understand. We can't understand why God does the things he does but I do know that he loves us and will always be there in those hard times in our lives.I hope Brittany is doing ok and please let her know that she is in my prayers.
Well as for things here in Mexico. Me and my companion have been working pretty hard but it seems like the trial of my faith has hit. My investigatores are really amazing but they just don't want to keep there committment to attend church. I know that when we have a trial we need to trust in the Lord and go forward. Just recently out mission had a serious Study of the Book of Mormon, I completed the Book of Mormon in 90 days. It was such an amazing experience and I have learned so many things from this great and marveleous Book!!! I would like to challenge you all to have a serious study of the Book of Mormon and try to read 3 chapters a day. I promise if you do it you will have so many blessing come into your life!! Well I hope everything is going great for everyone over there. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of your support and love!!! Please let me know if I can do anything for ya!!

con mucho amor
Elder Reed

always look and pray for missionary experiences. If you have time mom and dad I would like you 2 to get the talk that Elder L. Tom Perry gave in the last General conference. It is so amazing. Maybe you could do that for Family night!! Oh and also I will be praying for you to sell my sandrail!! I love you so much!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jule 28, 2009

Well momma.,

I just want to apologize right now I dont have that much time to write because I have had so many things to do today. Me and my companion baptized a girl this past Sunday named Esther. She is so awesome has a great testimony of this gospel. Well I want to tell you thanks for everything that you do for me. All of the prayers and love you show. Please remember that anything that you need I will be here to help out. Please forgive me but I promise that I will write longer next week. I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!
con mucho amor
Elder Reed
Oh i did send you 2 pictures though!!! :)

hope you like these pictures :)
Adjunto al presente encontrara las fotos de la conferencia de los lideres de la MME. Con amor,

Hermana Bulloch

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

Hey family,

Well, this week has been kind of a rough one for me. Well I got my new companion this past Tuesday and his name is Elder Guzman. He has 16 months in the mission. I am pretty excited to be with him and I know that we will have success this cycle if we just trust in the Lord. Well I dont know why but it seemed like no one wanted to let us in, also we only brought 4 investigators to church. Oh well, I guess this is when I need to trust in the Lord and show my humility. Well enough about me how is everyone doing over there. Are you staying busy? Please keep me informed on what is happening over there. Always remember that I am here to help you with whatever you need. Thank you so much for everything that you do for me.

Con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 15, 2009

Hey Family

Well I got some news for ya all. Last night I received a call from the Z.L and found out that my companion has changes. He will be training an american as 12 of them will be arriving here in Mission Mexico East. I am really excited for him. As for me, I will be staying here another cycle. I am pretty excited for it to and I will be receiving 2 new companionships this cycle. We are expecting great things this next month and a half. Well this past Sunday we baptized 2 people and finshed off the cycle with 8. It is ok but I know that we can have more success, we just need to trust in the Lord. Well that is about all that has happened to me this past week. How has everything been for you all. I am excited that the Bear Family Reunion is coming up. It should be a great time. Well I havent heard much about Ben and Lacie but I hope everything goes good for them. It is so crazy that Aaron is coming home. I still rememebr when he left. Time is so crazy! Well I better get going but I love you all so much. Please let me know if I can do anything for ya.

Elder Reed

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mission picture

Les saludo otra vez queridos misioneros:

Como un misionero hay tanto que hacer y se va el tiempo tan rapido. Espero que todos esten bien y que esten logrando todas sus metas que se han fijado.

Ahorita estoy pensando sobre las familias. Nuestro hijo ya regreso de la mision de Italia y es muy bueno tenerle aqui con nosotros por algunos dias. El Senor nos ha bendecido mucho a cada uno de ser parte de una familia. Dice en La Familia: Una Proclamación para el mundo: “El plan divino de felicidad permite que las relaciones familiares se perpetúen más allá del sepulcro. Las ordenanzas y los convenios sagrados disponibles en los santos templos permiten que las personas regresen a la presencia de Dios y que las familias sean unidas eternamente”. Esto significa todo para nosotros. Nuestro Padre Celestial desea que todos nosotros regresemos a El y seamos parte de Su familia eterna. Es un plan perfecto para cada uno de nosotros.

Hoy debe de recibir su copia de la foto de nuestra familia misional. Adjunto una copia digital con este correo y tambien una lista de todos los que estan en la foto. Espero que disfruten de este recuerdo de su mision en la Mision Mexico Este.

Que tenga una muy buena semana!

Con cariño,

Hna. Bulloch

Hello again dear Missionaries,

As a missionary there is so much to accomplish and the time goes by so quickly. I hope you are doing well, and reaching all the goals you have set for yourself.

Right now families are on my mind. Our son has returned from his mission in Italy, and it's great to have him here with us for a few days. The Lord has blessed each of us so much to be a part of a family. As it states in the Proclamation on the Family: “The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally”. This is everything to us. Our Father in Heaven wants us to return to Him and be a part of his eternal family. It is His perfect plan for each one of us.

You should receive your copy of the foto of our mission family today. I am attaching a digital copy to this email and also a list of everyone included in the foto. I hope you enjoy this remembrance of your mission in Mision Mexico Este!

Have a great week!

With love,

Hna Bulloch

June 8, 2009


Well I am excited that Thomas is getting ready to enter the MTC, he is going to love it!!! It is so crazy how fast the time flies on the mossion though! Well me and my companion had a privilege to baptize a lady named Rita and her daughter Regina. This family is what we called una familia de oro puro or a golden family. After Rita had her interview I talked to her and asked her if she was ready, she turned to me and said. Elder I am more than ready. Well we baptized her this past Sunday and as she enter the water she started to cry. Well after my companion came out of the water she started to cry really hard and the spirit was so strong! Every day I gain a stronger testimony that this church is the only true church upon this world!!!! Well that was my week. How is everything going for you guys. Good I hope. I heard that it is starting to get pretty hot down there. Well we are gonna have transfers the 16 of June so we'll see what happens. Well I better take off but please know that I am here for you for whatever you need.

con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 1, 2009

Well howdy everyone. How is it going. Just dandy I hope. Well this week was a pretty good week for me and my companion. We baptized 3 people and the servicio was really amazing. I played an arrangement that I made up of Be Still My Soul, I am a child of God, and I know that my redeemer lives. My companion said that it was really good. I hope it was. Well today I recieved your package. Thank you so much for everything. All the mexcians are so happy when we receive stuff from the U.S. They all love to try out the candy and food from over there. Thank you so much for everything. Oh I received my bank card but do you know how I can activate it? Well how is the family doing. I hope good. Do you know if anybody has been working on my sandrail? Oh well to answer your question about Kayla. I am really happy for her. I know Brett Farr and he is a great guy. They should make each other very happy! And no I am not sad at all. The point of this life is to serve God, marry a girl or guy that you know that you can share eternity with, and raise a family in Zion. I wish this for her. I know that my time right now is for the Lord and well there are many duaghters of God here in this world :) I guess I just have to figure out how to convince one to marry me. But I figure I can worry bout that in 14 months. Shoot can you believe I have 10 months in the mission. Man time flys. Well I love you all and please let me know if I can do something for ya
Con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009

Hey hey hey

Well another week has flown by. I can't believe how time flies. Everything is going good here in Mexico still. Yesterday it rained so stinken hard, actually it started to hail!!! It kinda of reminded me of home :) Oh my bishops wife told me to tell you hi. Their family is really really awesome. My bishop told me that he would like to come to my wedding but I told him that he is going to have to wait 6 years cause I ain't gonna get married that fast :) Well how is everyone doing at home. Did Brooke get her house sold? Well I guess I can answer your questions. I haven't heard anything about the earth quakes and sure haven't felt anything so I believe its all good. They have lifted all the restrictions here in Mexico so we can work like normal. We had services this week so it was really nice to be able to go to Church again. Well I hope that answered all your questions. I really couldn't remember them all. Well I better get going but I love you all so much. Let me know if you need anything.

con mucho amor.
Elder Reed

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009

Hey momma,

Well it is always good to hear from you!!!! Sounds like everything is going good over there in Az. I can't believe that it is already a 105 degrees over there. I guess AZ is still the same right :) Well here in Pachuca the weather in pretty nice. Actually I had to put on a sweater today because it got kinda cold. Pretty cool huh :) Well this week was a pretty exciting week for us. We baptized a lady named Mariah. I had the great privilege of doing it, I also had the privilege to baptize a lady that the Sisters have being teaching. I interviewed her and then after the interview she asked me if I could baptize her. It was really great. I also had the opportunity to play the violin in both baptisms :) Well that's about all for my week. How has everything been going over there. I fell really bad about Devin and his dad. Make sure to tell Brooke sorry for me to him. I am happy that he has received his mission call though. Lets just pray that he will receive the blessings and strength he needs to go forth! Well I love every one of you so much and I hope everything is going just dandy for ya. Please let me know if you need anything.

Elder Reed

Well I was thinkin this past week and if you could send me some nice violin strings in your next packet I would greatly appreciate it.!! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 11, 2009

This me and my companion Elder Vasquez. Do ya like my smile ;)

hey hey hey

Well I feel like I just talked to you ;) How is everything going. Just grand I hope. It was so good to hear everyones voice yesterday. Everyone sounds like they are doing good. Well me and my companion are doing pretty good and are hoping for a baptism this week. I know if you are obedient that the Lord will provide a way. Man I don't know why but I can't think of that many things to say will I guess this would be a good time to make moms dreams come true. I think I will try to send a couple of pictures ;) I love you all so much and please let me know if I can do anything for you

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

Haha, ok I am going to try to answer all of your questions if I can remember them ;) First thing is I don't have transfers, actually no missionaries here in Mexico have transfers because the Presidencia de Area decided to wait a week. The missionaries that ended their missions can't go back to there houses and the missionaries in the MTC can't come out into the field because of this Swine flu. Everybody here in Mexico is pretty worrried about it but I know if we are obedient that the Lord will protect us.

Well as for the music, I would really love it if you could send me I know that my Redeemer Lives and How Great Thou Art. I figure for the rest I can just use the Hymn Book. I am really excited to start playing again!!!!

Oh, Mothers day is coming up huh. Man, I can't believe that it is time to talk to the Family again. Time flys so fast!!!! I don't know what number yet but when I do I will let you know. I am really excited to talk to everyone. Oh I asked the Z.L. if I could use Webcam but they told me no. I would be nice if we could use it though, right? Do you know if all the family is coming down or is it just going to be you, dad and Jared?

Well as for the microwave, hahaha me and my comp don't even have hot water ;) but its ok because our bishop lives in front of us and he has one. If you would like to send that stuff adelante ;) go ahead Thank you

Well I guess that is about all your questions right? Oh about that credit card, I asked the secratarios and they told me that we can't deposit into that card but I asked my bishop and he said, if it is ok with you, that you could trasfer the money to his account and then he could pull it out and give it to me. I just want to know what you think.

Well I better get going but I love you all soo much. Always remember that we have the true gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives! We have the responsibility to share the gospel with EVERYONE!!! Just recently I watched the biography of Thomas S. Monson, if you haven't seen it I would recommend it for a FHE. When he was called as an apostle he said that ¨the life I have right now isn't mine, it is the Lords. I dedicate this life to the Lord and his work.¨ this is what every single one of us need to do. DEDICATE our lives to the Lord. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten of the Father and that He LIVES!!! Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of God. The Book of Mormon is a book that is true and perfect and if we follow the counsels of it and of our prophets we can have the opportunity to receive Eternal Life. I love this gospel, I love the scriptures, and I love you!!!!!Please let me know if I can do anything for ya!!

con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu letter

Dear Parents of our beloved missionaries,

With regards to the recent events of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico City, I am writing to let you know that I have been working closely with our Area Medical Advisor, Elder Roger Brunt M.D., to ensure the physical safety of each our missionaries. I have informed our missionaries to strictly follow all of the guidelines that the Mexican Government is asking its citizens to do, which are:
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially if you have had contact with someone that is ill.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes with your hands.
  • Do not greet someone directly with a handshake or a kiss.
  • Avoid places where there is close contact with large groups of people, like the subway and busses.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A and C (carrots, papaya, guayaba, oranges, mandarin oranges, limes, lemons, pineapple, etc.)
  • If flu like symptoms are detected, seek medical help immediately.
In addition to these guidelines I have strongly encouraged our missionaries to not eat from street vendors and to carry with them antibacterial gel to sanitize their hands throughout the day.

I am confident that if the missionaries will be obedient to these guidelines they can continue to participate in their normal missionary activities. Your prayers, faith and sacred support are deeply appreciated. There is no doubt that our missionaries are on the Lord’s errand and will continue to enjoy the blessings and protection of Him whose work this is.

Warmest regards,
President Russell G. Bulloch
Mexico City East Mission

April 27, 2009

Well family Mexico is just dandy!!! Me and my companion just baptized 3 people this past week. We are just teaching and preaching, every once in a while we get the opportunity to help people receive the saving ordanance of Baptism. It really is amazing this work. Its kinda crazy here in Mexico though because there is a flu virus going around that has killed 70 people so far and ALOT of people are sick from it. Last Sunday we didnt have our services because the virus has moved up our way. Everybody here is pretty scared of it and no one whats to talk to us about our message right now, but I know if we trust in the Lord everything will be ok.
Well enough about me, how is eveything going for you all. Sounds like everyone is staying busy. Make sure that you drive safely down to Texas and also tell Nich and Brookie hi for me. Well I lost my wallet. We were riding in a bus and I guess it fell out of my pocket. I had my licence, credit card, tempe recommend, insurance card, and mtc card in my wallet. I apologize for that but maybe next time you send me a package you could send me a new license. Oh and as for mothers day I dont know if we can talk to ya over the computer I will ask though. Well 5 de Mayo we have transfer. I dont know if me or my comp well get changed but I will let you know. I love you all so much! Good luck with everything let me know if you need anything!
Elder Reed

Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Hey momma,

Well time is just flying by! Right now me and my comp only have 2 more weeks then we have transfers. I almost have 9 months in the mission and Ben Davis is already home! My o my. Well I am really glad to hear that you had a baptism there in our ward. It is so amazing how this gospel can change peoples lives. This truly is the Church of Jesus Christ. Me and my companion teach alot of Catholics here in Mexico and most of the time when we explain that we know this is the true church of Christ they always tell us the all the churches are true. Me and my companion then have to explain when Jesus Christ was here on the earth he established the Church of Jesus Christ not the Churches of Jesus Christ. We know that there can only be one church that has the all the principles and ordainances necessary to be the church of Christ! We know this Church is true!!!!! Well momma I want to apologize for taking money out but I didn't have any. We changed our house here in mexico and had to pay the rent and deposit so me and my comp didnt have any money. We are still waiting to be reimbursed from the mission. Its hard because being D.L I have to travel to the other missionaries houses and check up on them also I have to have meetings with the Z.L. I apologize though. Well I hope all is well over there in Az. I love you all so much!!
Elder Reed

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Well, sounds like there is alot of things going on down there. How exciting that Briana has a little girl now. I am so happy for her! Well, this past Sunday my companion and I had 2 baptism and are hoping for 4 more this week. I love missionary work so much!!! This gospel truly is for all the people here in this world. I feel so privileged to be a missionary for these 2 short years. Well how is the family doing. How is work going. I hope all is going good. Please let me know if I can do anything for ya.
Love Elder Reed

Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009

Well momma that is alot to take in all at once. I am sorry but always remember that there has to be opposition in all things (2 Nephi). If we didn't know the bad we wouldn't know the good. I have had a hard time to this last week. First me and my companion got sick this past Thursday. We were throwing up and had diaria. We stayed in a bed but had to leave in the afternoon because we had some really important appointments. We were sick from Thursday til Saturday. Also some Elders and Hermanas in my district don't want to work and they didn't have that good of numbers this week so I got a little chewed out from our Zone Leaders. Also we were suppose to baptize 2 people this past week. One is a girl who has a strong testimony and got baptize this past Sunday. The other was a little kid who had his baptismal interview and his service was prepared when his mom said that she didn't want him to get baptized. It was a pretty rough week but I know that the Lord loves me and knows what I am going through. Some times we need to be humbled because we trust to much in ourselves then in the Lord. I know that God loves you mom but always remember we can choose to be unhappy and feel sorry for ourselves or we can go to the scriptures, turn our hearts to God, and do his will. We must always grow from the situations which God gives us. I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH MOMMA!!! and even though I am here in Mexcio I will always be here for you.
Love, Elder Reed

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 30, 2009

Hola familia,

How is everyone doing? Well right now I am in my new area. The city is called Pachuca, it is pretty close to my other area. We have 2 wards that we are going to be working in one ward that starts at 8 and the other at 12. So I am pretty excited for that! My new companion is Elder Vasquez and he doesn't speak a lick of English! He is a great missionary though. I have 2 other elders in my district and a set a Hermanas or sister missionaries. I'm pretty excited to be here and start preaching the gospel to the people here in Pachuca. We should be baptizing a family this Friday which I am pretty excited for. Well can you believe that General Conference is next Sunday? Oh I can't wait to here the Prophet and Apostles talk. I know that they receive revelation from God. About a month before I came to Mexico Elder Jeffery R Holland came to our mission. All the missionaries tell me how great of an experience it was! They said the most powerful part of the talk he gave was when he bore his testimony. He said " Elders, I know that Christ lives! Elders, do you understand me. I KNOW that Christ lives!" I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my God for these 2 short years! Make sure that you take notes during conference! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Elder Reed

Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009


Well just like you, I can't believe how fast time flies by. I feel like I just barely got to Mexico last Month! Well I am pretty excited, we are having transfers tomorrow and last night we found out that mi hijo or my companion is going to be a trainer here in Tulancingio. I am pretty excited for him. Also I found that I am getting transferred and going to be made a District Leader. I am pretty nervous and don't feel ready but I know that the Lord will help me if I put my trust in him. Well I guess Ben Davis comes home in April. I am so happy for him and can't believe he is going to finish his mission already! And Thomas got his mission call to Argentina? I am so happy for him. Make sure to tell him congrads for me! He is going to love it!!! Elder Solomon wrote me something really special that I would like to share with you. In our area we are having some trouble helping people keep their commitments. Alot of people want to listen to " the word of God" but don't want to read the BofM or come to church. Elder Solomon told me that to get people to keep there commitments you need to have them exercise their faith. If they don't keep there committments they don't want to use their faith to change their lives. As members of the Church we need to keep our committments which we have like going to church or reading the scriptures. If we don't keep our commitments why would the Lord want to bless us.
Well I better take off but I love you all so much. Please know that you are in my prayers!

Love Elder Reed

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letter from Mexico

How is everyone doing? Well I decided to write you all a letter from Mexico. Well everything is going great here. Me and my companion are staying really busy. Elder Lechuga (my comp) speaks English pretty good because he took a class to be a translator from English to Spanish. So he is really helping me out with my Spanish. He is such an example to me. Even though I’m his trainer I think I learn more from him than he does from me. Well my area is awesome. There are so many people here that are ready to hear about the gospel. We are privileged to have been born into this church, to know of the Restored gospel and to have a living prophet who speaks to the Lord face to face just like Moses did. Also we are so blessed to have been born in the U.S. Even though I love Mexico the U.S. is so blessed. I believe we take for granted what we have some time. Haha, for the past 5 weeks I have had to shower with ICE cold water. I’m pretty use to it know though. Also I have to wash my cloths by hand but Mom don’t think I will do that when I get home. Well I want you all to know that I know this church is the only true church upon the face of the earth. That Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ in the year 1820. The Book of Mormon is true and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God who receives revelation from God directly! I love you all so so much! Please always remember your testimony and to share it as much as you can. Jared remember that seminary is the most important class that you have. Please don’t take it for granted. The second coming of Jesus Christ is fastly approaching. You can see good and bad becoming black and white. The church and its members are making a stand and we need to stand with them! I Love You all so much!
Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadera. Se que Jose Smith fue un profeta y que Thomas S. Monson es un profeta hoy en dia. El Libro do Mormon es un libro verdadero! Nuestro profeta y doce apostoles reciben revelation directamente de Dios! Estoy muy agradecido por cada uno de usted. Siempre recurden que tenemos la verdad y tenemos que compartir nuestro conocimiento con todas las persona aqui en esta mundo.
Con mucho AMOR! Les Amo!
Elder Reed

Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009


So you got my letter. Good cause I was scared that some mexicans were going to open it and take of the 20 pesos I sent you. I am really glad it made it to you. Well everything is going great here. Me and my companion are working hard like always and staying really busy. This next week we have transfers and I have a feeling that either me or my companion will be having changes. My companion is really amazing and such an example for me. I have a feeling that he will become a trainer this next cycle. Well I really don't have any stories this week but I am really glad that our family is involved in missionary work right now. It is amazing how much the missionaries need the help of the members. Pres. Spencer W. Kimball said " Every member a missionary that is the calling from God." I know for a surety that if you want to receive blessings from God and feel joy in your life GET INVOLVED IN MISSIONARY WORK. I really hope everyone is doing great. Right now me and my companion are teaching about 20 lessons a week and contacting about 300 people a week. I love you all sooo Much and please let me know if I can do anything for ya.

Con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009

Well Hola de Mexico,

I really can't believe how fast these days are flying by!! It feels like I just barely left on my mission still. Well this week went pretty good. Me and my comp are working hard and teaching alot of people. It is kinda hard to get people to go to church though because our building is about 45 minutes away from our area. Its difficult because we don't have money to pay a taxi to take us and the families to church and neither do the families. I know that the Lord will prepare a way for us though. So Lehi days sounds like it was a blast. Congrads on winning the Grocery Race!!! Linsey Davis told me that she won the Race with Jared and James, and it didn't really surprise me when she told me that the belt buckles were exactly the same as last year except the year was different. I figure you all just need to win the grocery race 3 more times, get all your belt buckles, Melt them together and make one big belt buckle instead of having 5 little tiny chincy ones ;) Boy how I love Lehi days. Did James do the Crate Race? If so could you let me know how he did? Well we are going to be having transfers here in about 2 weeks and I am pretty excited. I think me or my companion will be having changes. Its sad to leave all your investigators but always fun to meet new people and live in a different city. It is so crazy, in different parts of Mexico people talk completamente differente. The people from the Northern part of Mexico talk so fast with alot of slang while the people from the south part talk much slower and are easier to understand, well at least for me. Well I better get going but I love you all so much. Let everyone know that if they need anything to let me know. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Con mucho amor,

Elder Reed

Oh and my Spanish is coming along little by little. I understand almost everything, but its alot different listening and speaking ;) I love it though!

Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009

Hey hey hey,

Well I really can't believe how fast time is flying by. I have 7 months on my mission and Ben Davis is coming home in about 5 weeks. Whoo. Well this week has been great. Me and my companion are staying really busy with our investigators. I love missionary work. Well I am so happy that you had a baptism this past week. Always remember that we need to fellowship those recent converts!!!! Well my head healed up pretty good. Actually it is all better now. I know that it is only through the lord that is got healed!! Well dad I just want to let you now how much I am like you. Yesterday we were teaching a family and there were 3 little girls under the age of 7. Well one of these little girls came up to me while my companion was teaching there father, and started talking to me. Well, while she was talking to me I guess she noticed the hair on my arms and was really astonished. Well, she started rubbing the hair on my arms. Well while she was doing that I started laughing. I rememeber that all the little kids love coming up to you dad and rubbing the hair on your arms ;) Just thought I would let you know that little story ;) Well I hope everything is going great for the family. I am happy that the cow delivered her baby with no problems. Oh how are the other animals doing? Well I am so glad that the ward is doing good. So you saw Jenna. I sure hope she is doing good. I wrote her a couple times but she hasnt written me back. I know that she is really busy with school and other things though. Welp I bess be taking off but know that I love you all so much. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.

Con mucho amor
Elder Reed

Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23, 2009

Hey momma,

Well I got a story for ya. Yesterday I was getting ready for Church and I got done taking my shower and then got my suit on. Well, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth but when I got into the bathroom I remembered that I needed my waterbottle on my desk. Well I started to head out of the bathroom but as I turned around to go out the door was half way closed. Well as you guessed I ran straight into the egde of the door, But this is no ordinary door this is a mexican wood door. Well the edges of this door hasnt been sheared, so this door slit my foreheard open about 2 inches long. Well I went and showed my companion but he didnt seem to think it was that cool. Luckily I had my handy dandy wal mart first aid kit that had some bandaids. Well I put one on but it looked pretty silly so little. Momma I broke the sabbath but it was for a good cause. I went and bought some super glue and glued my cut shut. It works pretty good actually. So now I have a huge cut on my forehead and everyone thinks I am crazy for gluing it shut. hahahaha Well thats my story for the week I hope you enjoyed it. Well the super bowl girl actually got baptized 2 Sundays ago and got confirmed this Sunday. We also had another baptism this past Sunday. Momma, I love this gospel so much. I am so glad that people in our ward are starting to get more involed in this marvelous work. I love you all so much and please let me know if I can do anything for ya!
Love Elder Reed

Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009

Hey momma.

That is so great that you got home from Texas safely! Man I can't believe it when I get home I won't know 3 of my nephews! It is crazy to think about! Well I am so glad that everything went well in the birth of Weston. I really like that name. I can't wait to see him.
Well we had another baptizm this past week. It was a girl named Citlaly or as mom calls her my super bowl girl ;) Well I have a couple other people that should be getting ready for there baptisms. Man I love seeing people get all dressed up in white!
Man I can't believe Hayley and Rylen are getting married!! It is crazy see people younger than you getting married ;) I am happy for them. So have you heard from Cody or Zach Bernal lately. I hope that they are doing great.
Well I love you all so much and hope all is going great for you all. Please let me know if I can do anything for you all. Always be looking for missionary experiences as the Lord will place you in front of people that want to here about the gospel. I LOVE YOU
Hey dad, I wanted to write you and tell you how much you mean to me! Thank you for teaching me so many thing and always being a great example! I dont know if you know but Bri is having a pretty hard time in her life right now. I know also that she considers you as her father. Don't tell her that I told you but maybe you could check up on her. I LOVE YOU DAD and thanks for everything!

Love Elder Reed

Oh I forgot to ask for James email address. He has written me a couple of times but I haven't been able to get a letter off to him. Thank you

Elder Reed

Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9, 2009


Brookie Cookie has a baby!!!!! Man that is so crazy. I am soo happy for her!! So Is NICH excited to have a little boy that he can teach to use a chain saw? haha So how is Brooke and Nich doing? I hope great!
Well Dad that is so crazy that you have all that stuff in your shoulder! I am so sorry! I have to admit that I did laugh for a little bit when I found out that you had a metal sliver in your eye. I think that Reeds are the only people that would have metal slivers in their eyes ;)
Well I dont have transfers so I get another cycle with my hijo! I am so excited! There are so many people here in Tulancingo that want to here about the gospel. We have this investigator that owns a tortilleria. So we go and help here make tortillas sometimes. I will have to send you some pictures;)
Well everything is great here in Mexico. I LOVE IT HERE! My language is coming little by little! We are going to baptize the 9 year old girl this next Saturday or Sunday! I am really excited! Well I better take off but I love you all so much!!!


P.S. That is so awesome that Brezzy got on Riata! She must be a real cowgirl!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 2, 1009


Well I got tempted pretty bad yesterday. Me and my companion were walking down one of the main streets in Tulancingo when I saw and heard something amazing. In a little shop where they sell chips and drinks ( its kinda like a gas station) the SUPER BOWL was playing. Oh man, I wanted to watch it so bad but I thought to myself if I dont watch it the lord will bless us. Well later that night we found a less active family and talked to them for awhile. We found out that they have a 9 year girl that hasn't been baptized. Well this next week we are going to baptize her. It is amazing how the Lord will try your faith before he will bless you. Ether 12:6 So dad's shoulder is bothering him. That isn't good. Do you know if he has gotten a blessing. If not I would recommend it. I have seen so many miracles happen through the power of the priesthood! It truly is the power to act in Gods name. I will be praying for him though. So the cardinals lost. Oh man I wish I could of seen that game. It sounded really intense! Well at least they got to the super bowl. Next year they are just going to have to win ;) Well I better take off but I love you all so much. Maybe if you could, you could send me some more pictures of our family. I love seeing how big everyone is getting. Well I love you all so much and please let me know if you need anything.
con mucho Amor

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pachuca Central Zone

This is my zone here in Pachuca. They are soooo awesome!!!

Adjunto la foto de la zona Pachuca Centro

Con amor, Hna Bulloch

January 26, 2009

Hey momma and dad!!
That is so awesome that Riata might be sold. This Thursday I will be fasting for a family that we are teaching and I will also be fasting to sell Riata. Dad you might never actually realize how big of a missionary tool those FHE are. Now that I have been on my mission I realize how grateful I am when you have someone in the Ward that will help you out. Thank you so much for helping those missionaries out I know they really aprreciate you!!! Well momma I laughed pretty hard when I heard your horseshoe story. Heavenly Father really does answer prayers huh ;) So Jareds b day is coming up. I have been wanting to sent him something but shipping things here is so expensive so I guess he will just have to wait 18 months. Well everything is going great here. My spanish is coming along. Its wierd some days I feel like I can say anything I want and another day I feel like I cant even talk. The lord is probably just keeping me humble.;) Well I hope all is going great down in AZ. When do the cardinals play. I hope they do good. Well I better take off but I love you all so much!
Elder Reed

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan 19, 2009

Hey family!!
I can't believe that the cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. The year that I can't watch them is the year they decide to do good. Go figure. haha. Well I have some news here from Tulancingo ( oh this is the name of the city that I am in right now :) We had 2 baptizms this past Sunday. There names are Marcela y Guadalupe. The are so amazing and grateful for the gospel. It is so amazing how the Lord will prepare people and all you have to do is trust in him and talk to people and be OBEDIENT! I love this gospel so much. Well I have a pretty ironic story for you all. My companions name is Elder Lechuga and he is such an amazing Elder. Well we were talking this past week about his stay in the MTC. Well he told me that his companion in the MTC was going to a different mission than him so I asked him what mission he was going to. He told me that he was assigned to go to Mission Mexico West. Well, I write Preston about every week and he told me that he recieved a new missionary to train the same time I did so this past week I asked preston what his name was and he told me. Well come to find out Prestons companion was the companion of my companion in the MTC! How ironic is that. I just about peed my pants when I found out. So I guess we are just one big happy missionary family. Well that is my story for this week. So how is everyone doing? Are you all staying busy? Oh and yes mom I did get the package you sent me finally. Thank you so much. I love the John Deere stocking. All the Mexican Elders in my district loved all the "American" food that you sent me ;) haha Well all is well here just staying busy learning the language and preaching the gospel. I love you all so much and please let me now if I can do anything for you all.
con mucho AMOR!!
Elder Reed

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 12, 2009

Hey mi familia!!!!

How is everyone doing? Sounds like there were some big changes in the ward this past week. Dad I am soo excited that you get to be a ward missionary!!!!!! That is one of the most important callings I think you could have right now!! You are going to do great! Always remember that we have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and we must never take it for granite! We always need to be sensitve to the spirit and when we are prompted to do something DO IT! Mom I knew that you would stay in the Young womens presidency. You are such an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. Those girls need a role model like you especially in these rough times. It is amazing that good and bad is really starting to stand out. We must always stand for truth and righteousness! So how is our ward doing? Well my new area is amazing and my companion as well. We haven't had any baptisms these past 2 weeks but we might have 8 in 2 weeks. I am really excited. My companion is teaching me as much as I am teaching him. He is such a great example to me. Well how is all the family doing? Are you staying busy with work? Has anyone got married lately that I know? Well I hope all is well with you. I miss you all but I know I am where I need to be right now. I LOVE YOU ALLL
Elder Reed

Thank you for Emilies email address. I will be praying for her.

Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009

Hey Momma,

Well my new area is called Pachuca. It is the farthest north area in our mission. It is so green and beautiful! Alot different than my other area! I LOVE IT. My hijo is doing great. He is really humble and wants to work which is great. Well how is everything going with you? Are you staying busy? I sure hope so. So how was your new years eve? We had to be in our houses at 6:00. I guess it was for protection. There are some crazy people over here in Mexico :) Well I am having to talk alot more to people now because I am the Senor Companion now which is a good challenge for me. It is amazing how the Lord will help you when you need it. Well me and my companion are staying really busy! Oh I forgot to tell you about my companion. His name is Elder Lechuga and he is from Guadalahara, Mexico ( I dont know how to spell it :) He is the same height as Brooke :) But is really a hard worker. He has been a member for about 5 years. He knows how this gospel can change peoples lives so he wants to share it with everyone. There will be people that I will walk by because I dont think that they will listen to us but he will go right up and start talking to them. He is a great example for me. Well how is the family doing? That is so awesome that you got the tile layed in the Laundry room. I wish I was there to help. Well I better get going. I LOVE YOU ALL THOUGH!!!
Elder Reed

Oh right now the best address to send stuff to is the same address you have been sending stuff to. Its only when you are going to send a package that you need to let me know. THANKS!!!