Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

hey momma

Well I guess I can give you the news of the week. The conference that we had with President Bulloch was great. He is such a spiritual man that has done alot of great things here in Mexico! He will be missed by soo many missionaries and people here in Mexico, but we are all excited for Presidente Hickens to get here! What I know is that the 1st of July is when Pres Bulloch will give his phone to Pres Hickens and in that moment he will become our new President. How crazy is that?! I really am excited though.
Well as for the changes. I didn't get them so it looks like I will be dying here in Pachuca. I am ok with that though. I really feels like it is my home. I have passed more than almost 3/4 of my mission here so I know almost all the bishops and have worked in 9 of the 14 wards that are here. So I also know quite a few members ;) I am pretty excited to finish the mission here in Good ole Pachuca!
Well my ankle is doing alot better. I went and saw the doctor right after our zone conference because the Hna Bulloch saw my ankle and told me that I had to go see him. Well we took off and the doctor gave me a big medical boot to wear. I told him honestly that I wasn't going to wear it, but he gave me it anyway. My ankle really is doing alot better though. I can walk pretty good now and it doesn't hurt me like it was.
The work here in Pachuca is going good. Me and my comp are looking to baptize 2 people this upcoming week. I just wanna keep working hard and endure to the end. I am hoping to end this cycle off with 6 bapisms. Just need to find 4 more chosen people. All in all everything is going great. Well I really can't think of anything else to say except to tell James and Larry congrads for the baby Jayla. I am soo happy for them and can't wait to hold Jayla in a couple of weeks. I love you all so much!!!

con mucho amor

ELder Reed

Thank you so much for the package. I really enjoyed the sunflower seeds and boy let me tell you that the mssionaries are loving the key rings!!! Thank you !!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 21. 2010

Mexico and the world cup. Man there are a couple things that you dont mess with the mexican over here 1. there tacos 2. beans 3. there soccer

Well family here I am again. Another week has passed by and boy howdy the time is just going quick. Over here in Mexico alot of things are going on. Here in the mission we are going to go through alot of changes in these next couple days. Wednesday we have a huge multi-zone conference, the last one with President Bulloch, that is really wierd for me to say! After that, next week, we have changes. We are going to be losing 24 missionaries and going to recieve 17. I had a feeling that I was going to be training this next cycle but President talk to me about a week ago and told me something leading me to think that I am going to die as a Zone Leader, which is ok with me.
All in all things are going pretty good over here in Pachuca. Our zone did pretty good this last week and ended off with 14 baptisms. It was really awesome. We just got to make sure that we stay consistent. Me and Elder Rodriguez had the opportunity to baptize a kid called Aldair. I think I told you about him last week. Well we had his service this past Sunday and boy was it crazy. hahah What happened is that I started filling up the font at like 11 o clock so that is would be filled at 3 for his baptism. Well at like 2:30 I went to go check the font and you guessed it. It only had about 2 inches of water in it, we didnt have any water in the church. Well we made a call to one of our DL and had him start filling his font. Our services ended and then we took off to the other church. When we arrived the font was filled but with ice cold freezing water. haha (luckily my companion was going to baptize :) well they both got changed into their white clothes and entered into the water. Poor Aldair, he was shaking from head to toe. Well they hurried and did the baptism and everything turned out great. It really was a good service!
Oh I forgot to tell you that I hurt my ankle last week. I went to the doctor and took some X-rays. I think everything is going to be ok. Well I kinda ran out of things to says. Im sorry I don't write as good as Elder Ashcroft. Man he really does have a gift for writing and quite alot more patience with the keyboard than I do. Well I love you all sooo much and let me know if you need anything

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

June 14, 2010

Hey family

How is everything going for yall over there in AZ? Over here in Pachuca things are pretty crazy. Actually the climate is really nice! It has been really rainy and getting pretty cold at night. I love it though. As for missionary work, me and my companion are working hard and are hoping to baptize and kid named Aldair this Sunday. He is really cool and has changed so much since our first appointment. We are hoping that in 2 years he will leave on a mission. How cool would that be? All in all things are going good over here in Pachuca. Just trying to finish off strong. well I better get going but hope to hear from you guys next week. Let me know if you need anything.

Love ya
Elder Reed

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

hey everyone

Well looks like it is getting pretty darn hot over there in good ole AZ. Over here isnt that hot but the sun sure does burn ya. I sure do enjoy the weather over here though. I can't wait to go swimmin again it will be so awesome.
Well all in all me and my companion are doing pretty good. We have been seeing so many miracles and blessings over here in our area. We had the opportunity to baptize a girl called fanny this past Sunday. haha We kinda had a problem though, we started filling up the baptizimal font like 2 hours before the service. Well we took off to go get the family and the clothes for the baptism but when we got back to church we had a problem. I went to go check the font and I found that it only had 2 inches of water in it. I didn't know what happened. So we started investigating and we found out that the water tank up on the church didn't have any water in it. We didn't know what to do. Finally we decided that we would start filling up the font with buckets hahah. It was soo funny seeing missionaries trucking in buckets of water to fill up a baptizimal font. Finally we got enough water in the font so that I could immerse the girl in the water. It really was a special baptism hahaha.
Well how is everything going over there. I sure hope good. Thank you soo much for all of your support and love that you give to me. I don't know how it repay all of you. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.

con mucho amor

Elder Reed