Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Hey momma,

Well time is just flying by! Right now me and my comp only have 2 more weeks then we have transfers. I almost have 9 months in the mission and Ben Davis is already home! My o my. Well I am really glad to hear that you had a baptism there in our ward. It is so amazing how this gospel can change peoples lives. This truly is the Church of Jesus Christ. Me and my companion teach alot of Catholics here in Mexico and most of the time when we explain that we know this is the true church of Christ they always tell us the all the churches are true. Me and my companion then have to explain when Jesus Christ was here on the earth he established the Church of Jesus Christ not the Churches of Jesus Christ. We know that there can only be one church that has the all the principles and ordainances necessary to be the church of Christ! We know this Church is true!!!!! Well momma I want to apologize for taking money out but I didn't have any. We changed our house here in mexico and had to pay the rent and deposit so me and my comp didnt have any money. We are still waiting to be reimbursed from the mission. Its hard because being D.L I have to travel to the other missionaries houses and check up on them also I have to have meetings with the Z.L. I apologize though. Well I hope all is well over there in Az. I love you all so much!!
Elder Reed

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