Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

Well family Mexico is just dandy!!! Me and my companion just baptized 3 people this past week. We are just teaching and preaching, every once in a while we get the opportunity to help people receive the saving ordanance of Baptism. It really is amazing this work. Its kinda crazy here in Mexico though because there is a flu virus going around that has killed 70 people so far and ALOT of people are sick from it. Last Sunday we didnt have our services because the virus has moved up our way. Everybody here is pretty scared of it and no one whats to talk to us about our message right now, but I know if we trust in the Lord everything will be ok.
Well enough about me, how is eveything going for you all. Sounds like everyone is staying busy. Make sure that you drive safely down to Texas and also tell Nich and Brookie hi for me. Well I lost my wallet. We were riding in a bus and I guess it fell out of my pocket. I had my licence, credit card, tempe recommend, insurance card, and mtc card in my wallet. I apologize for that but maybe next time you send me a package you could send me a new license. Oh and as for mothers day I dont know if we can talk to ya over the computer I will ask though. Well 5 de Mayo we have transfer. I dont know if me or my comp well get changed but I will let you know. I love you all so much! Good luck with everything let me know if you need anything!
Elder Reed

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