Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

Hey momma how is everything going for ya? Well over here in Mexico everything is going great. Me and my companion are just trying to keep busy trying to spread the gospel. We have been finding a lot of families but they just don’t seem to want to progress. Sometimes it is really hard to find a great family and have them accept everything in the first lesson, to then have them fall and not want anything to do with the church. I know that Satan is trying so hard to destroy this marvelous work that means that we just need to work harder. We need to give everything to the Lord. I know sometimes it is hard to do, but when we do it he is willing to give us soooo many blessing! I really have seen so many miracles these last couple of weeks here in the mission!
So James threw out his back this last week. Man I bet that has got to hurt. I wish i was there to help him shoe all of his horses. What is he going to do? Just make sure that he gets a blessing and everything will turn out good. Man I was thinking today and when I get home I will not know 5 of my nephews and nieces. How crazy is that? It is going to be so awesome to get to know them. Well all in all everything is going good for me right now. Just trying to hit me goals running! Well I better get going for now but i love you all so much!! Let me know if I can do anything for ya

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

oh what colleges are going to try to get me in? just wondering

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