Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008

This is his email:


It is so good to hear from you. I haven't received any letters for a week so it felt so good to hear from you. That is good that someone is interested in riata. I really hope she gets sold. Oh I got called to be District leader. I was a little scared because there are some missionaries in our district that are struggling with homesickness and I didnt know what to say to them. I was praying alot and still wasn't receiving an answer. Well, on Tuesday night we had a Devotional and in the middle of the the Speakers talk the spirt came to me and said "I will fill your mouth with the right words at the right time" Well after the Devotional we had a District review about the fireside. I don't remember what I said but the spirit was there. I believe the problems of homesickness have been resloved! I am here to testify about the power of prayer!! He does hear your prayers and will answer them in his own time Isaiah 55: 8-9. I love the Lord so much! I miss you, dad and the family. But this is where I need to be! I love you all so much!! Tell Jared I love him also!
Elder Reed
This is the letter I received from him dated the same day:
Hey Momma and Dad
How is everything going. How is Jared doing? Is football going good? Is his foot okay? Well the MTC is so amazing. The Spirit is always so strong. Well I went to the temple today. It was so amazing! I love going there and just feeling the peace which is there! Hey do you think you could do me a favor? Could you get Cody's email address for me? Oh and tell him sorry for not writing him back fast. It seems like I don't have time for anything:) Well hope all is well.
Love Elder Reed
Oh maybe as a family you could read Alma 57:21,26-27 I love it and it has been such a get help to me!:) Love ya.
Elder Reed

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Briana said...

What a sweet letter! I wonder if he got my email I sent him. I feel bad that he hasn't received any letters for a week!