Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Old Pictures of the new Elder Reed

Here are a few pictures that I took of John the night he was set apart as a missionary.
Here is Cody, one of John's best friends.
This is how they really are...
Brittany, John and Briana
John and President Solomon, we love our Stake President!
Dad, John and President Solomon
Ben, Dad, John, President Solomon and Wes.
These are the people who helped set him apart as a Missionary.
Jared and John

Here is Dad talking before John is officially a Missionary.
Ben and John
President Solomon and John
Dad and John
John hugging Mom

This is Mom and her youngest sister, Belinda.
Grandpa and Grandma Bear with John.
Dad, John and Mom
Here we are waiting for everyone to get settled down.
And soon we will all call John, Elder Reed.

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