Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mexico ready or not

Oct 6, 2008

We received a call from Elder Reed today on his way down to Mexico City. It was so great to listen, hear and feel of the testimony that he carries with him. Each of his brothers and sisters were able to talk with him during his layover in the Los Angeles airport. I will try and write a few of the things that he said and hopefully I will get them right. Elder Reed, I have a hard time calling him that as he is my Johnny, said he loved the MTC and the spirit that is there. He told us that while he was there he tried to learn as much as he could and that the time flew by. He was the district leader of 10 Elders and that he felt like a therapist as he would get an earful at times. He was able to give 7 blessings in his 8 weeks at the MTC. He also said that his district had many trials and that only 5 or 6 of his district is heading down to Mexico as some Elders weren't ready to go either because of physical, emotional or girlfriend problems which brought to mind the parable of the 10 virgins. He said he loved general conference and took 25 pages of notes and that it went all to fast. We ask if he sang in the choir during the priesthood session and he said that he didn't. He signed up to be in the choir but needed an Elder to go with him. He finally convinced someone in his district to go with him and during one of the practices they were to fill out a survey. He said that he was busy and didn't get the survey filled out and so he didn't get to sing in conference. He said it was all right though because he couldn't have taken any notes. During Elder Reeds flight to Los Angeles he said that he gave 1 pass along card out and he said that he wanted to give a first discussion on his way to Mexico City. (He sounds like a missionary) He bore his testimony to us in Spanish and we were all impressed as he didn't know any Spanish before he left other than a few words you pick up by living in Arizona. He said that in the MTC they said that if he was obedient that he would be able to speak Spanish fluent in 5 months. He said that he has been praying to get a native companion so that he can learn Spanish better. At the end of our phone call all the grandkids came in and ask if they could sing a song for John and than they sang "Called to Serve". We were all choked up at the power even the grandkids felt by the spirit that missionary work and the power of the gospel. We are all so grateful for Elder Reed and the spirit that he carries with him and the sacrifice he is making to bring the people of Mexico the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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