Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nov 16, 2009

Hey momma,

How has everything been for ya. Sounds like this last week was pretty crazy for the family and for alot of other people. Man I can't believe that Ben Davis is married. Man time is just flying by!! So how was the wedding. I hope everything went well for him and Lacie! I sure wish I could of been there but right now I need to be here in Mexico. Well this week was a pretty good week for me and my companion. We had the opportunity to baptize a family a 3 this past Sunday. It was kinda weird because this time it was the wife that caused problems for us. She was tellin us that she didn't want to change her religion so we really had to pray alot and have patience! But everything finally worked out and we baptized all 3 of them. It was a really great experience.
Well enough about me how is everything going for you? I hope all is well over at the house. Is Jared doing good in School? Well I just want you all to know how much I love you. and please let me know if you need anything

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

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