Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

hey momma

Well I guess I can give you the news of the week. The conference that we had with President Bulloch was great. He is such a spiritual man that has done alot of great things here in Mexico! He will be missed by soo many missionaries and people here in Mexico, but we are all excited for Presidente Hickens to get here! What I know is that the 1st of July is when Pres Bulloch will give his phone to Pres Hickens and in that moment he will become our new President. How crazy is that?! I really am excited though.
Well as for the changes. I didn't get them so it looks like I will be dying here in Pachuca. I am ok with that though. I really feels like it is my home. I have passed more than almost 3/4 of my mission here so I know almost all the bishops and have worked in 9 of the 14 wards that are here. So I also know quite a few members ;) I am pretty excited to finish the mission here in Good ole Pachuca!
Well my ankle is doing alot better. I went and saw the doctor right after our zone conference because the Hna Bulloch saw my ankle and told me that I had to go see him. Well we took off and the doctor gave me a big medical boot to wear. I told him honestly that I wasn't going to wear it, but he gave me it anyway. My ankle really is doing alot better though. I can walk pretty good now and it doesn't hurt me like it was.
The work here in Pachuca is going good. Me and my comp are looking to baptize 2 people this upcoming week. I just wanna keep working hard and endure to the end. I am hoping to end this cycle off with 6 bapisms. Just need to find 4 more chosen people. All in all everything is going great. Well I really can't think of anything else to say except to tell James and Larry congrads for the baby Jayla. I am soo happy for them and can't wait to hold Jayla in a couple of weeks. I love you all so much!!!

con mucho amor

ELder Reed

Thank you so much for the package. I really enjoyed the sunflower seeds and boy let me tell you that the mssionaries are loving the key rings!!! Thank you !!

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