Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 10, 2008

This week has been busy. I'm getting to go to the rededication this Sunday. Only 32 elders from our mission get to go and me and my comp were chosen. I can't wait. Hopefully I will see Preston this Saturday at the Aztec stadium. Well I am sorry this is shory but I am going to figure out how to send some pictures :) Oh do you think you could get me Jenna Stradlings email address please. I have been wanting to write her. Thank you so much!!!!!I love you so much!!!!
Elder Reed

This one is my first baptizm. He is 11 years old and his name is Hector Guadarrama

This is me holding 2 kilos of freshly made tortillas! :) you can even see the steam coming off of them. Oh and you can't forget the 3 liter coca cola in front of me. Mexicans love there coke and tortillas. Oh man I love tortillas and get to eat them everyday. I thought Sam Miller would like this one seeing how he loves tortillas also. :)


The Reeds said...

Hola Elder Reed!!!! Soy Chayo, la esposa de su primo Heber. No sabe que emocion me dio saber que le toco su mision en mi tierra. Yo he estado en Iscalli, tube amigos que vivian ahi. De hecho no estoy segura pero a creo algunos Eleder que estan en Iscalli los mandan a Queretaro que es donde mi familia vive. Me da gusto ver que su don de lenguas se esta desarrollando. Bueno, no le quito mas su tiempo, solo queria contarle que mi familia va a estar en la dedicacion del templo tambien, de hecho tengo un hermano que esta en la mision cuernavaca y tambien va a estar por ahi, le voy a contar de usted. Bueno, espero que tenga un excelente mes lleno de bendiciones y bautismos ;-)

bridgetandsam said...

Its so funny, the other day we were talking about how much john would be enjoying the food. And Sam is obsessed with tortillas! expecially home-made corn ones! He wraps EVERYTHING in a tortilla.