Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26, 2009

Hey momma and dad!!
That is so awesome that Riata might be sold. This Thursday I will be fasting for a family that we are teaching and I will also be fasting to sell Riata. Dad you might never actually realize how big of a missionary tool those FHE are. Now that I have been on my mission I realize how grateful I am when you have someone in the Ward that will help you out. Thank you so much for helping those missionaries out I know they really aprreciate you!!! Well momma I laughed pretty hard when I heard your horseshoe story. Heavenly Father really does answer prayers huh ;) So Jareds b day is coming up. I have been wanting to sent him something but shipping things here is so expensive so I guess he will just have to wait 18 months. Well everything is going great here. My spanish is coming along. Its wierd some days I feel like I can say anything I want and another day I feel like I cant even talk. The lord is probably just keeping me humble.;) Well I hope all is going great down in AZ. When do the cardinals play. I hope they do good. Well I better take off but I love you all so much!
Elder Reed

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