Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009

Hey Momma,

Well my new area is called Pachuca. It is the farthest north area in our mission. It is so green and beautiful! Alot different than my other area! I LOVE IT. My hijo is doing great. He is really humble and wants to work which is great. Well how is everything going with you? Are you staying busy? I sure hope so. So how was your new years eve? We had to be in our houses at 6:00. I guess it was for protection. There are some crazy people over here in Mexico :) Well I am having to talk alot more to people now because I am the Senor Companion now which is a good challenge for me. It is amazing how the Lord will help you when you need it. Well me and my companion are staying really busy! Oh I forgot to tell you about my companion. His name is Elder Lechuga and he is from Guadalahara, Mexico ( I dont know how to spell it :) He is the same height as Brooke :) But is really a hard worker. He has been a member for about 5 years. He knows how this gospel can change peoples lives so he wants to share it with everyone. There will be people that I will walk by because I dont think that they will listen to us but he will go right up and start talking to them. He is a great example for me. Well how is the family doing? That is so awesome that you got the tile layed in the Laundry room. I wish I was there to help. Well I better get going. I LOVE YOU ALL THOUGH!!!
Elder Reed

Oh right now the best address to send stuff to is the same address you have been sending stuff to. Its only when you are going to send a package that you need to let me know. THANKS!!!

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