Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 2, 1009


Well I got tempted pretty bad yesterday. Me and my companion were walking down one of the main streets in Tulancingo when I saw and heard something amazing. In a little shop where they sell chips and drinks ( its kinda like a gas station) the SUPER BOWL was playing. Oh man, I wanted to watch it so bad but I thought to myself if I dont watch it the lord will bless us. Well later that night we found a less active family and talked to them for awhile. We found out that they have a 9 year girl that hasn't been baptized. Well this next week we are going to baptize her. It is amazing how the Lord will try your faith before he will bless you. Ether 12:6 So dad's shoulder is bothering him. That isn't good. Do you know if he has gotten a blessing. If not I would recommend it. I have seen so many miracles happen through the power of the priesthood! It truly is the power to act in Gods name. I will be praying for him though. So the cardinals lost. Oh man I wish I could of seen that game. It sounded really intense! Well at least they got to the super bowl. Next year they are just going to have to win ;) Well I better take off but I love you all so much. Maybe if you could, you could send me some more pictures of our family. I love seeing how big everyone is getting. Well I love you all so much and please let me know if you need anything.
con mucho Amor

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