Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9, 2009


Brookie Cookie has a baby!!!!! Man that is so crazy. I am soo happy for her!! So Is NICH excited to have a little boy that he can teach to use a chain saw? haha So how is Brooke and Nich doing? I hope great!
Well Dad that is so crazy that you have all that stuff in your shoulder! I am so sorry! I have to admit that I did laugh for a little bit when I found out that you had a metal sliver in your eye. I think that Reeds are the only people that would have metal slivers in their eyes ;)
Well I dont have transfers so I get another cycle with my hijo! I am so excited! There are so many people here in Tulancingo that want to here about the gospel. We have this investigator that owns a tortilleria. So we go and help here make tortillas sometimes. I will have to send you some pictures;)
Well everything is great here in Mexico. I LOVE IT HERE! My language is coming little by little! We are going to baptize the 9 year old girl this next Saturday or Sunday! I am really excited! Well I better take off but I love you all so much!!!


P.S. That is so awesome that Brezzy got on Riata! She must be a real cowgirl!!

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