Monday, August 17, 2009

Aug 17, 2009

Hey momma

Well sounds like alot of things are happening over there in Az. Man I can't believe it. It seems like I haven't been gone that long but so many things have happened in this last year. It is so wierd that Aaron is home. It seems like yesterday that I was saying bye to him. I know that he was a great missionary and will keep on serving the Lord there in Queen Creek. Well this week has been kinda of crazy over here in Mexico. Me and my comp were planning on Baptizing 7 people this past week. Well when Sunday rolled around guess how many we baptized. Yep 0. It is amazing how when someone is wanting and willing to change there life Satan comes in and does all he can to stop it. I love reading to my investigatores 2 Nefi chapter 2. It talks about how there is opposition in all things and it is so true. Well must try with all our might to stay in the path of the Savior! WE CANT TAKE A DAY OFF!!!!!! We must read the scriptures say our prayers, and stand in the light! This world really is becomed separated. There is the good and the bad. Stand for the right and we will be blessed. I love you all so much. Please know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. Let me know if you need anything

con mucho amor
Elder Reed

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