Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 4, 2009

Well shoot darn I can't believe that I have a year in my mission. Time is just flying by!!!! Well I bet you are just dying to hear where they sent me huh? but I think I am going to wait til next week to tell ya. ;) jk I got sent to the great city of Neza! It is so crazy here, there are so many people in the streets and so many people that are ready to hear our message about the Restoration. It's really amazing. My new companion is named Elder Hernandez P. he is from Oxaca and has 21 months in the mission. I have learned so much from him and am going to continue to learn more. We have about 16 Elders here in our Zona so its alot of responsibility but I am ready and willing to serve. Well me and my comp had the opportunity to baptize 2 people this past week and we are hoping for another 5 for this upcoming week. I am so grateful for the opportunity which I have to serve the Lord and be part of this great work for these 2 short years. Well I want you all to know how much I love you and to please let me know if you need anything

Con mucho amor
Elder Reed
Tell everyone that I say hi and that I will see them in a year ;) jajaja


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