Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 17, 2010

hey momma

Oh my goodness today has been probably one of the best days of my life!!!! It was such a great blessing to have the opportunity to listen to Elder David A Bednar, and boy did I learn alot!! I would just like to share a couple things that I learned from him.
As Elder Bednar started talking there was a power which I have felt unlike any other! He asked all of us to not take notes on what he was going to say, only to take notes on what the spirit told us. He started in with the principle of Faith. As most members of the church I think that we think we know what faith is but we can always always learn more! He told us that we all have the responsibilty to learn by faith. As we learn by faith the Holy Ghost can carry the message we need to hear to our hearts but that is as far as it can go. It depends on each one of us to open our hearts and accept the message which is being presented. This is the only way that we can learn by faith with a open heart and a willing mind.
He also taught us to receive an answer from God we need to do 2 things. 1. We must first be willing to ask the Lords will before receive an answer. 2. Open our hearts, study and ask with real intention. We must take Jose(I guess that is Joseph in Spanish) Smith as an example. When he went to the grove of trees to pray to God. He just didn't ask which church was true. He said he wanted to ask God which Church was true so that he could join it. Jose Smith went to the grove of trees ready to act upon the answer he was going to receive. " that is way cool huh :)" So each one of us must be willing to act before we ask.
Elder Bednar also taught a millon other things but I will just have to share them with you a little later. As for the changes, I didn't have changes this time but my companion did. So tomorrow I will be getting a new comp. Next week I will let you know who it is. All in all everything is going good. Well I better get going but tell Heidi that I wish her good luck and to "SALTE EL BARCO" I will tell you what it means and the story behind it a little later.

con mucho amor

Elder Reed

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