Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dec 15,2008

Hey momma!!!
Right now I am in Cental Mexico City going through some gigantic catholic cathedrals . They are so amazing!!! I am taking some pictures so hopefully later this afternoon I can send you some. Well I am going to get on later today to write you some more and let you know how this week went. I love you all so much!!!
Love Elder Reed
If you could let me know what day and time to call you all i would greatly appreciate it. I cant wait to talk to everyone!!!
Love you

Hey momma,
How is everything going. Well today was a blast! We visited so many historical places! I love learning about history. How is everything going for you? Are you staying busy? Well the work here is still going good. I am staying busy with trying to learn the language and preach the gospel. The language is kinda of difficult for me but I know I can learn it with the help of the lord!
Well I was so glad to hear that everything went well for you at the stake conference. I wish I could of heard everyone play. I actually might be playing the violin for a stake conference here. ;) hahaha I hope I can. I miss playing instuments so bad!
Well how is dad and everyone else doing. I think about everyone everyday. Is everybody ready for Christmas. I still cant believe how fast time flys by! It seems like yesterday I was in the MTC. Well as for calling home I dont know whose phone I am going to use but when I find out I will let you know. I am so excited to talk to everyone!
Well mom how is young womens going. Is it hard keeping Jared away from the girls or is it the other way around and you cant keep the girls away from Jared :) Well I better get going. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!
Elder Reed
Please let me know if i can do anything for you!

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